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Shaffer Excavating Products and Services

Site Development

Click to enlargeThe highest testament to a job well done is in the final product. Shaffer Excavating offers a full range of excavating services to prepare your commercial or residential site for construction.

Visit one of the developments listed at right for a first-hand look at Shaffer’s work. With Shaffer Excavating you can count on the job being done right. Owner/Operator Philip L. Shaffer has been the primary site developer for all these local projects.

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Shaffer Excavating
Primary Site Developer for:

Brier Creek Estates
Chestnut Highlands Single Family Lots
Church Street Housing Development
Everview Estates
Greensburg Commerce Park
Hampshire Heights Phase II
Laurel View Place Phase I & II
Ligonier Armory Housing Plan
Performance Health Building
Spring Crest Phase II
Somerset Trust
Village at Chestnut Highlands
Village of Whispering Knoll

Grade Control (GPS)

Click to enlargeShaffer was one of the first excavators in the area to use GPS technology when he purchased a Topcon base and rover along with a John Deere 700K dozer with integrated machine control. Industry standard has always included the use of grade stakes which are quickly becoming obsolete due to Global Positioning Technology (GPS). This GPS is much more than the guidance system used in automobiles. Traditional grade stakes can cost $50 to $200 each to install, depending on the engineer. In addition, grade stakes constantly have to be moved and reinstalled as the project progresses. Shaffer Excavating can complete your project with no stakes and save you thousands of dollars. Once a model of the project is prepared, onboard GPS monitors allow the operator to quickly ascertain where he is digging. The accuracy of the GPS technology is second to none when doing development work. The operator can work all day without stopping for grade checks or waiting for an engineer to re-stake the work site. GPS allows for grading with a single pass.

Land Clearing and Demolition

Click to enlargeSite preparation usually involves two steps. First vegetation is cleared; then surface soil is removed and stored for later use. Some sites require demolition of a building or clearing of land including woody vegetation, tree stumps and large stones. Shaffer Excavating uses a forestry mulcher to grind trees and underbrush. The resulting materials can sometimes be used on site for erosion control or for stabilizing material. Shaffer is experienced in clearing even challenging sites that are extremely rocky or covered with invasive species. Excavators are often on a tight time schedule because no building can start until the site is made ready. This is where the right equipment for the job is crucial.

Roadways and Driveways

Click to enlargeEvery project requires ingress and egress to the site. One of Phil Shaffer’s strengths is his ability to look at the job site and calculate the “approach”. First he determines where to install the access road, and then he grades and lays down the gravel and stone base. The correct installation of the driveway and roadway (with proper slopes and drainage) is the difference between a constant maintenance problem or not. Shaffer’s modern fleet of well-maintained equipment is ready to get your project started today.

Foundations and Footers

Click to enlargeThe beginning of a successful project is the accuracy of the foundation. After a site is cleared, Shaffer and his employees begin the task of excavating for the footers and foundation. In residential building, often the footprint calls for a very complicated layout. With forty years of experience, Shaffer has completed some difficult projects and he can accurately complete yours. Shaffer Excavating has the skills and proper equipment to make sure your project stays on solid ground.

Utility Installation - Septic Systems

Click to enlargeShaffer Excavating can install all utilities needed for your project including sanitary and storm sewers, water, electric, phone, gas and CATV. He also installs geothermal systems. When Phil Shaffer started in the excavation business forty years ago, septic systems were simple and easy to install. Today, they are highly regulated and complicated to the point of having micro-processors controlling the system. Our installers keep up with the ever changing technology. Shaffer has equipment available when soil profiles are needed and can help you through the process of engineering and permitted for a septic system.

Erosion Control - Water Retention

Click to enlargeErosion management covers multiple areas within a construction site such as erosion control, sediment control and retention ponds. Simply put, erosion control is proactive (keeping soil in place) whereas sediment control is reactive (dealing with soil once it’s been dislodged). Even the single family home site needs erosion management in order to be in compliance. Most commercial projects require retention ponds or underground storm water retention systems. At Shaffer Excavating we provide solutions to meet the customer’s needs from mild slopes to steep slopes, drainage swells and also provide in-house hydro-seeding of land.

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Mobile Screening Service

Click to enlargeProjects sometimes have unusable materials on site that must be loaded and hauled off site. Screening these materials and/or topsoil on site can render them usable and save the cost of hauling them away. We bring the screening equipment to you, process your materials and remove them if necessary.

Delivery of Topsoil and Aggregates

Click to enlargeOne of the BEST products we offer is our expertise. We can help you determine the right product for your job and then deliver it to your jobsite. We screen high quality, nutrient rich topsoil and store it inside until it is delivered. We also have sandstone, shale rock, fill dirt and aggregates of all sizes to deliver to your jobsite. Call us today if you need high quality materials hauled to your jobsite.

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